Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Since I had lost all of those images let me start showing what I do have that is related to Eternal Crisis but this blog use to have things I made while using Leadwerks Game Engine 2, and had other game development related topics. I am going to try to make an archive page that will have these blog posts with the missing images.

These were all created during the initial development of Eternal Crisis and will still be used when the project starts development again (a different way of saying, if this project receives funding by the year planned). That will be an awesome day and a day I will see old friends.

Once I find more I will update this blog post and may eventually turn it into it's own page.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Oh, no...

A while back apparently I deleted a directory on my server that had all of the screen-shots for this blog. Oops, I didn't realize it at the time, and I remember when I did because the server had almost no hard drive space left that during the rush a lot of files were deleted. Sadly in the end it turned out to be a rogue "error_log" that is generated by PHP that had climbed into the gigabytes. Crazy, eh?

www.3dmasons.com is for Epic Games Unreal Engine 3 development and game development
www.raconteurgame.com is for the game "Raconteur" being developed by 3D Masons

The "Eternal Crisis" game/project did not die, it was just shelved, it happens all the time in the world of game design and development. It is actually on official record to begin near the ending developments of Raconteur and before the release. I use the term "official record" to explain; game design documents, business plans, investment proposals, and for general feedback or proofreading. As official as it gets if you ask me. At this moment I can walk away from this project but soon that won't be an option.

That rambling being said, I will be posting on this blog again, but it will be for both Eternal Crisis development and the development process of the underlying framework. This framework is available for game developers to purchase to get a jump-start in prototyping and commercial development. The EC game will be built on top of this framework.

Come back often and I apologize for the missing images. I am hoping to one day find a backup but I'm assuming by now there isn't one.

I decided to "archive" all of the previous blogs because of the missing images. If I had wrote how I made what I had talked about then it would be worth saving because of the text but most of them were presented work; so the image was important to the blog content.